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Eugene Onegin - the cast



Wednesday, 7 30

The Music House,

St Mary's College,

Everest Road,


L23 5TW


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October 20, 2018:



Pasta and Puccini



Our popular Opera with Supper

Join the Bohemians at the Cafe Momus and enjoy the sublime music of Puccini with an Italian





St Mary's College Crosby

L23 5 TW


6 30 for Supper at 7 00 

Concert at 8 00

Tickets: £20

April 7-13 2018


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La Traviata


Auditions 23rd September

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Lady Bracknell Entertains 2013



Our celebration of Victorian and Edwardian music. Nirvana, Macushla, The Holy City,  Sullivan with and without Gilbert. And we were thrilled to be graced by the presence of Queen Victoria herself - and she WAS amused.

It was a tremendous success with the audience of over 100 who came to have supper with us and enjoy the music at St Mary's College Crosby.



Here are some typical comments;


What a wonderful evening we all had last night. Beautiful singing,
marvellous food and even our own dear Queen in attendance.

Thank you all so much, such a lot of hard work for you all, but my goodness
what a performance. WELL DONE.
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